Transfer ideas into reality

We believe in partnerships, from the initial concept to consumer delivery and beyond. We listen to your requirements to offer a customisable vertically integrated development model from research, concept design, development and production of textile products.

1.   Research

We keep you in the know. Tapping into our extensive network of influencers, designers and product developers, we are up to speed with the latest trends in design, silhouettes, fits and (innovative) fabrics, so you stay inspired.

2.   Concepts

We do ideas. Our design service creates over-arching product concepts, fabric, design and colour directions in line with your brief. Our team use their extensive knowledge to create a story that belongs to you.

3.   Design

We pay attention. Our design team translates concepts into designs. Our designers uses fabric, fit and design details to enhance your product with precision. Working digitally, our designers explore each project until every detail is as it should be and the right balance is found.

4.   Development

We show possibilities. Our development team turns 2D design into 3D pattern-making and prototyping using our unique design and pattern.

5.   Production

Our production team manages every aspect of your production process: from order allocation, quality control, customised packaging to delivery into your warehouse.

6.   Logistics

We offer a complete service to handle logistics from factory to client, ensuring your product arrives at your warehouse or store in the best condition. We offer many services, from flat packing to hanging and reconditioning-all according to your needs.

We are your textile development, production and support platform.